When to Request More Child Support and Alimony

When to Request More Child Support and Alimony

By Brandon Allen, Attorney and Jennifer Schilling, Law Clerk
McDonald, Levy and Taylor, PLLC
Right to Request a Review

Both custodial and non-custodial parents have the right to request a review for possible adjustment of a child support order at any time. A significant variance is typically required for adjustment of an existing Order.

The Tennessee Court of Appeals has noted that “a change in circumstances is ‘substantial’ when it significantly affects either the obligor’s ability to pay or the obligee’s need for support.”

A Change of Circumstances May Include, But Is Not Limited To:
  • Either party has an additional child for whom the party is legally responsible and actually supporting who was not included on the most recent credit worksheet;
  • Either party has a qualified other child who was included on the last credit worksheet who has emancipated or is deceased;
  • Either party has a significant change in income. This change could be from a job loss or change in employment, an inheritance, lottery winnings, or other source;
  • A child supported by the order has become disabled.

For more information on “Child Support Guidelines” go to tncourts.gov


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