19 Days Until Valentines Day

19 Days Until Valentines Day

By: MLT Law

Traditionally, one of the busiest months in domestic law is February. Sometimes, despite one’s best efforts, the same marital issues that were present the year before are still lingering, and the glow of the holidays has worn off. 

This year, the added pressures of constant togetherness and spending more time at home during 2020 may have thrust marital issues to the forefront. This recent article in The Washington Post offers some tips for how to improve your relationship with your partner. 


“One in 5 married or partnered Americans surveyed in July reported fighting more than before the pandemic, and 30 percent said they were more annoyed with their partner. Almost 10 percent said they are likely to separate, at least in part because of issues related to the pandemic.” 

Kecmanovic, J. (2021, January 12). If your pandemic partner is getting on your last nerve, try these tips to repair your relationship. Retrieved January 26, 2021, from https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/wellness/couple-counseling-relationship-tips-covid/2021/01/04/919e1702-4eb2-11eb-83e3-322644d82356_story.html

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