Should I Make My Apartment a Short-Term Rental?

Should I Make My Apartment a Short-Term Rental?

By Brandon Allen, McDonald, Levy and Taylor, PLLC Attorney

As with most legal issues, it depends. Non-Owner Occupied Short-Term Rentals are more than a fad. Many homeowners have successfully embraced this concept. Plenty of investors have built businesses around the idea of short-term rentals. But you should read the fine print before signing on to this trend. As short-term rentals have saturated the markets, municipalities and neighborhoods have cracked down on the ability to use your property for such a purpose.

Potential Issues and Rules

Many HOA’s outright prohibit the use of your property for short-term rentals. Local ordinances may also require you to jump through many hoops before you are able to legally place your home on the market as a STR. While it may seem like a great idea for a room you aren’t using, you should invest the time in researching the potential issues and rules that must be followed in your neighborhood.

Identify Your Legal Needs

The attorneys at McDonald, Levy & Taylor, PLLC have knowledge in this area, and would be happy to assist with your short-term rental business. Whether you want to rent a spare room, or are an investor who would like to convert your real estate into short-term rentals, we would love the opportunity to consult with you in order to identify your legal needs.

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