What is Product Liability

What is Product Liability

By Brandon Allen, Attorney and Jennifer Schilling, Law Clerk
McDonald, Levy and Taylor, PLLC
We Expect That the Products We Buy Are Safe

While we expect that the products we buy are safe, sometimes there are issues that result in injuries or death from the use of those products based on a design flaw or defect. These may be defects in the quality of a product, or could even be a defect in the design of a product that renders its use dangerous.

Manufacturers, Distributors, Suppliers, and Retailers Responsibility to the Public

Manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, and retailers who make products available to the public may be held responsible for injuries resulting from defects. A product typically needs to be defective in some way or unreasonably dangerous in order to bring an action for injury or death from its use.

Products Liability Is a Complex Area of the Law

If you have been injured from the use of a product and feel that it was based on a defect, or if the product was unreasonably dangerous, please contact MLT for a consultation to discuss your case.

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