Bicycle Laws for 2022

Bicycle Laws for 2022

By Cathy Warmbrod, Attorney
McDonald, Levy and Taylor, PLLC

While riding a bike, you must be sitting on a permanent seat and cannot have a “passenger” riding with you unless it is a bicycle built for more than one person?

That you cannot attach your bike or sled or toy vehicle that you are riding to a moving vehicle?

That you cannot carry any package that prevents you from keeping at least one hand on your bike handlebars at all times while riding?

That cars must leave at least three feet between you and them when they are passing you on the road?

When you are riding your bike at night, you must have a white head lamp on the front that a driver could see from at least 500 ft to the front and either a red reflector or red lamp that can be seen from 500 ft to the rear by a motor vehicle?

That it is against the law for bicyclists or roller skaters or electric scooter riders to make noises that are intended to frighten or disturb the drivers or animals in animal-driven nonmotor vehicles?

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