Notarizing in a Pandemic

Notarizing in a Pandemic

It’s Easier Than You Think!

By: Katheryn M. Ogle

Documents like trusts, wills, deeds, and other legal filings require signatures to be witnessed by a notary public and witnesses. According to Tennessee Statutes and Rules, the person signing, notary, and witnesses must be in the same room. This mandate could bring commerce to a screeching halt since social distancing is necessary for fighting this pandemic.

Executive Order No. 26 provides required parties can sign, witness, and notarize a document via real-time audio and visual communications such as Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, or like technologies. All parties must be physically located in Tennessee during the communication, and the document must include a provision that the signatures were executed in compliance with Executive OrderNo. 26.

McDonald, Levy, and Taylor’soffices are still open as we adhere to strict social distancing guidelines, but we also have the technology to use the provisions allowed within this new legislation.  The current mandate, Executive Order 66 extends the Governor’s Order through December 29, 2020. As the year ends, now is the time to review and update any document that protects you and your loved ones’ future. Despite this pandemic, McDonald, Levy, and Taylor can safely and securely walk you through these legal processes and continue to provide the same level of service to our community. 

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