Referring Attorneys

McDonald, Levy & Taylor work with attorneys, both in Tennessee and outside of Tennessee, on all types of serious personal injury cases. We are often associated by other attorneys to assist their clients in a personal injury case in Tennessee. We have also received numerous referrals from attorneys who have a conflict arise in a case and cannot pursue the case. We take great pride that many of our largest settlements and verdicts have come from cases in which the case was referred to us by another attorney.


If you have a client that has been seriously injured, we welcome the opportunity to discuss the case with you and your client. Rule 1.5 of the Tennessee Rules of Professional Conduct permits a division of attorney fees so long as the division is in proportion to the services performed by each lawyer, the client is notified of the spilt and does not object to the division and the total fee is reasonable.


Tennessee also allows attorneys not licensed in Tennessee to be admitted pro hac vice. Rule 19 of the Tennessee Supreme Court Rules sets out the requirements for such an admission. To be admitted pro hac vice, the attorney must be associated with an attorney licensed in the State of Tennessee.

We look forward to serving you and your client.

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