Medical Malpractice in Tennessee

We are fortunate in Tennessee to have many highly trained physicians and teaching hospitals to care for sick and injured people. Medical professionals have a duty to provide treatment that complies with the accepted standard of care. When they fail to provide care in accordance with the accepted standard of care, the health care provider can be held accountable for the damages caused by that failure. Malpractice cases can be committed by any health care provider including:

  • Hospitals
  • Emergency Rooms and Walk-in Clinics
  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA)
  • Physical Therapists
  • Chiropractors
  • Dentists



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Malpractice cases are typically extremely demanding and complex cases. In Tennessee, you generally only have one year from the date of injury to file suit. There are many procedural hurdles that must be overcome for a case to be successfully pursued. To win a medical malpractice case, you must be able to show that the health care provider was negligent. Further, you must prove that the negligence of the health care provider was the cause of the injury to the patient.


Our attorneys are experienced in Tennessee medical malpractice cases. We have had the opportunity to successfully pursue many different malpractice claims against various health care providers. Our experience and knowledge can assist you in maximizing the award you receive.


Generally, the damages that you can recover in a malpractice case are identical to those available in a personal injury case.


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